How to Build a Home Successfully
Using Useful Unusual Ideas

There are so many ways how to build and be practical. From putting up a bookshelf to building a new house. Or renovating an old house and all the bits in between.

Let's start with some of these new projects.

Beginning with how to build a:

  • House,
  • pergola,
  • workbench,
  • bookshelf,
  • pool,
  • pond,
  • gazebo,
  • steps,
  • bench,
  • roof,
  • foundation
  • bookcase...

Many small projects from the list above were carried out here during an explosion of building activity.

Take a look at the Straw Bale project for example. 

Starting with building a straw bale shed to store the furniture.

The bales had just arrived at the site.

We waited for a dry weekend. And keen volunteers.

And got the building completed in three weekends.

How to build foundations?  You will see the piles on the engineers plans. As well as the more technical stuff.

While the piling is proceeding we must not forget the piles for the fireplace.

The piles have to take the weight of the fireplace and the chimney.

We got them in position.

We built the timber frame next.

 Followed by the roof.

We shall include the pergola.                           

With the curved pergola rafter tails.

Many enjoy it's wonderful shape. See if you agree.

Restoring Projects.

See the list of practical things you can restore or repair? In and around the house or apartment?  Don't worry we don't do them all in one go.

You might like to repair. Or carry out any of the following:






And here are more examples of our own renovations.

From the other side. What a beautiful house with a spacious walled garden in the centre of Norwich.

Ashdell House became a family home.

House Restoration on a Grade II Listed 
17th Century Farmhouse

Ashdell House Listed 17th Century Yeoman's House. It was Norfolk Highways Depot for many years.

Before that it was a Bus Station. The passengers made their journeys from here in Forncett End to Norwich.

The right-hand room - parlor - of the house became the main room of operations.

The rest of the house was just left alone in its original state.

Roof timbers were recent and made the house water tight, which was ideal. It saved the day and the old house.
                                                                                                                                                                Forncett End, Norwich, Norfolk.

Builder cartoons by Hamilton Wilson

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