We Can Change The World

"We Can Change the World" Matt Monroe sang out with such panache with his friends.

Meanwhile Mahrus Stuart was at home in his council house in Norfolk. Trying to tell us the same thing. But not so lyrically of course.

He explains how many of the troubles that exist today can be solved by using a fixed scientific One World Currency. 

Let Mahrus explain to us in his own words the way we can change the world...

Why We Need To Level The Playing Field.

The Value of old currencies is getting less.

Have you noticed the absurdity of the way prices go up and up? Why it is that the prices of everything everywhere creep up. And jump up, here, there and everywhere?

All the political economists hope to do.

Is to hold back the rate of inflation of their own currency.

And in their own country.

The aim of businesses is to earn profits. Every game needs sensible rules with a level playing field. 

Demand the highest price the market will stand. People will spend  and inflation gets worse. And it stops when there is official recession, devaluation or both.

Do you remember Black Wednesday? Inflation until recession? Then 10% devaluation. And things far worse? 

Our population. The whole human population on earth. Is dominated by this absurd anomaly. Continuing to compete with these same old currencies of the past.

While the value of each continually diminishes.

They still keep their same old names. But what is a dollar, or a pound or a euro, really worth?

We Can Change the World.  So we are not forcing each other to use up the Earths' resources.

While so many of us are well into the scientific age. The world’s money system is utterly archaic.

The long-term result of currency competition is dreadful for many millions and not sustainable.

Through currency competition, we are forcing each other to use up most of the earth’s resources at too great a rate.

Furthermore it makes life a living hell for most people. Living in soft currency areas. They cannot afford a sustainable ecology.

All the while they have to pay the hard currency interest on their bank loans. With only their soft currency power to purchase much needed development.

Using money has to be the legitimate expression of human valuation of all our efforts. Different countries have their own currency.

Its legitimacy is powerfully defended. Its internal dominance is strong, while world trade depends on hard currency. But world trade is an international scene, so why still use old nationalist money?

Only the most mercenary forces ever make any changes to it. Apart from official devaluation, changes are only the result of some kind of speculation.

These changes shift ownership of the money but don’t change the system. All of us are affected by the diminishing value of all currencies.

“Well that is all right. We all earn that much more money today. It can balance out.” One may think so but it all depends on if your currency got harder or softer.

That does not mean much until one sees its effects. While visiting a third world country.

Whatever the dire consequences that do happen to many millions of people. The ceaseless competition of currencies throughout the world still goes on.

People with hard currency capital use it uncontrollably to take over and dominate other people with or without their soft currency.

They go on doing it increasingly and to unbelievable extremes. It is all so terribly inhuman. So colossal yet subhuman in character. So mean and ugly.

But we can change the world so that human morality and the Earth's ecology are not spoilt.

If we carry on the results are many kinds of corruption and lack of conscience throughout the world. It has resulted in spoiling both human morality as well as the ecology of the earth.

Because of its gigantic scale. Its effect has already become a global disaster. These are the compelling reasons why I am presenting everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear with a new alternative.

Dollar Collapse - It may need a new invention.

Sometime things do happen to make good changes instead of bad. Sometimes very big changes. Even global changes. Can be made for the better. When that happens it is no accident. In this the scientific age, we can fix things to work the way we want them to work. How many new inventions have changed big parts of our lives? The great gifts of most new inventions often come just when they are most needed. Even then they often have a difficult birth and slow acceptance. Look what comes now.

How to change the world. - Here is another gift that the world is waiting for.

The fundamental element of every science is that of measurement. Every science therefore depends on using accurately its well-defined units of measurement.

Conversely the money units of measure of all today’s currencies are ever variable.

Units of money, as in those competing currencies, are only responding to a runaway law of supply and demand of the money markets and the like.

International monitory regulations are at best a noble effort to control, regulate and preserve the credence of a decadent inhuman and life destroying system of currency.

We can change the world by changing the currency unit.

The essential key to solving the money problems of the world lies in the nature of its currency unit.

This is the element that must be put right. Must be properly defined. And has to remain the fixed unit of money. Just as fixed as all the other units used in scientific measurement in this the scientific age.

It has to be relevant to us as human beings and accurately applied. Some say we can change the world with it. The answer to this is right here. One World Currency.

Mahrus Stuart

Mahrus died several years ago. He had friends from all walks of life and was an intelligent and passionate man who was outspoken on many issues of the time.

I would love to hear what you have to say.

Write here please...

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