Recycled Building Materials

What do we mean by recycled building materials?

I mean the reuse of materials left over from building and still in good condition.

The recycling I'm concerned with are my renovation materials and also my half used paint tins from my painting work - which can be used for other purposes as well as painting.

Imagine the Quantity of Recycled Building Materials That Accumulate.

There must be many tradeswomen and men this applies to...,

as well as ordinary folk ...

...who like to build, paint or do anything practical.

Top Brazillian designers use salvaged building materials. Such as this table made from electic wire reels.

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World Wide People Have Found Solutions
With Recycled Building Materials

 London Ontario




See what these villagers in Paraguay are doing with reclaimed waste.

To recycle ordinary waste differently in what can be considered a most desperate life situation.

In our case we are talking specifically about building materials...

...but the basic idea is the same.

A final word from Habitat Q & A.

How does the Global Village program work?

A volunteer team leader, who plays a pivotal role in making the trip a success, leads each Global Village team. Prior to the trip the team leader will undertake training on all aspects of the trip.

Planning and preparation is coordinated through the Habitat organization that sends you, while volunteer coordinators and professionals in the Habitat organization that hosts you will manage the in-country experience.

Construction work varies depending on the trip location, the local construction techniques and the stage the building program has reached at the time of your trip.

You could be, for example, digging foundations, mixing concrete or mortar, laying blocks, raising timber frame walls, making window frames, plastering, painting or landscaping.

Habitat Global Village Program.

Your Own Local Recycle

Are you interested in recycling building materials locally?

Put the name of the town or village - include country - you want to represent below where it says ‘Enter Your Title’.

Introduce yourself and your locality.

Write your own story.

Please add relevant photos if you have any.

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Green roof systems are becoming popular day by day in various areas. They are prepared using used home renovation materials in different parts of USA and …

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