The Best Companies for Recycled Building Materials in Scotland

Not too many contractors and property owners give a serious consideration to the use of recycled building materials in Scotland.

Construction always comes with a lot of hassle. There are loads of building materials that get wasted during the work. Where does this material go? To be honest, most of it goes to waste. .

Are you planning a building project? Why settle for expensive building materials when you could leverage recycled building materials for your construction work. Here is a sneak peek into some of the well-known recycling companies in Scotland.

NWH Group — Serving Across Edinburgh, Dundee, & Glasgow

NWH Group is an extensive network of facilities where recycling of building materials is performed on a large scale.

With its recycling centers spanning across cities like Edinburgh, Dundee, and Glasgow, NWH Group adopts an industry-standard recycling procedure to deal with all sorts of construction materials.

Besides other materials, the vast availability of reusable wood and top-quality aggregate makes this company one of the leading building material recycling companies in Scotland. Residents of Edinburgh, Dundee, and Glasgow can easily get in touch with this company to save big on their construction project.

Leiths Group, Aberdeen

Leiths Group is a reputable building material recycling company based in Aberdeen. This company has a well-developed recycling mechanism to collect, process, and convert waste materials into reusable building materials. Leiths Group is also approved by Zero Waste Scotland for processing and distributing recycled construction materials all across Scotland.

From concrete, kerb stones, slabs, rock to an array of other building materials are efficiently recycled here at Leiths Group. Contractors across Scotland trust this company and purchase soils, aggregates, sand, and other recycled building materials from Leiths Group with an assurance of a long-lasting performance.

Cireco, Fife

The residents of Fife can go for a sustainable construction project thanks to the availability of a diverse range of recycled materials at Cireco. This company has its recycling plant in Fife with high-end equipment to recycle brick, wood, metal, glass, plastics, soil, and various other such materials.

It does not matter what kind of construction work is going on at your location. You can grab all sorts of recycled building materials from Cireco. The recycling unit of Cireco is confined to the local recycling services in Fife.

Are Recycled Building Materials Good in Quality?

Make no mistake, don’t expect these recycled building materials to be substandard or lower in quality than new building materials. There is a proper recycling process that these materials go through. You should not worry about the quality at all.

There are many homeowners who might consider this option a low-quality alternate for construction. You might think that these recycled materials cannot be on a par with the quality standards of new building materials. But the reality is quite opposite. Quality is not compromised in these materials at all.

All you have to do is to choose the right company in your area to buy recycled material for construction. There is nothing better than adopting a sustainable construction approach.

Zero Waste Scotland — An Initiative by Scottish Government for Sustainable Materials

Apart from these private companies that offer recycled building materials in Scotland, there is also a notable publicly funded organization named Zero Waste Scotland that aspires to ensure the efficient use of resources and promotes recycling of materials.

This organization is funded by Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund. Zero Waste Scotland is currently offering its assistance to site managers of various construction projects to ensure the provision of recycled building materials across Scotland.

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