Recycled Building Materials
In London Ontario

Recycled building materials

 are alive and well in London Ontario.

It has a wide array of businesses that use  and recycle waste products for future construction projects and worthy causes.

Homeowners and contractors can either rent a bin or drop off materials at these locations.

You have to Tri-Recycling and Habitat for Recycled Building Materials

You might call this the ultimate recycling depot for recycled building materials, construction material, garden waste, home renovation wasted more.

Individuals can rent bins or drop off their waste at a Try Recycling location across southern Ontario including in St. Thomas, Halton, Perth County, Toronto, Godrich and more.

With a widespread reach across southern Ontario it is a fully LEED certified company that works to repurpose and track construction material the second that it enters one of these facilities.

All recyclable material is diverted from landfills and redirected into recyclable resources and manufacturing processes that can utilize these materials to build future construction projects.

The company has been at work for over 20 years accepting material and diverging it from landfills to produce a wide array of different products with partnerships from many different construction material manufacturers.

Their costs for waste disposal as well as junk drop-off are extremely reasonable and they offer up commercial rates and services to any contractors, landscapers and junk removal specialists interested in used home renovation materials

Impact Junk Solutions

A social enterprise run out of London Ontario. It works to divert useful materials from landfills and then donates these materials to families in need within the community.

In demolition projects as well as regular junk removal, Impact Junk Solutions will donate some of these useful recycled materials from their warehouse to meaningful charities like Habitat for Humanity for the use in construction projects.

Their reasonable junk removal rates allow customers to simply call up the business and have the insured employees come in to remove the waste items as well as clean up any of the mess afterwards.

The goal is to reduce waste entering landfills as well as donating useful items to members of the community in need.

They also offers a second tier of support as a social enterprise of WOTCH community health services.

They hire people who are affected by mental illness so that they can have an opportunity to enter into the labor market with out facing significant barriers.

These employees can earn their own living and make a difference in their community by reusing things residential, commercial and construction materials and recycling and donating them. This averts building materials from landfills and ensures that someone else can benefit from materials that would normally end up as waste.

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