Recycled Building Materials
In Juarez Mexico

J.L Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

A recycled building materials idea in Juarez is one of the great things that I’ve been able to invest time in this year that promises to help a lot of people in the city.

You probably have heard about Juarez!

In 2008...

...we were declared the most dangerous non-war zone.

A lot of bad things happened here!

But now, the people of Juarez are reclaiming the control of the city.

And not just that, but the best talent of both young and...

not that young...

are combining to come up with solutions to the problems that we have in the city.

Not Exactly A Recycled Building Materials Problem

But In terms of pollution - tires are one of the main problems here .

It is very easy to find old tires in some zones of the city, these cause not only a bad image, but actually the water from the rain stored inside the tire can be a perfect nest for mosquitoes and these can spread the dengue fever during summer.

This is why this project of recycling tires is very important, the impact is double since it cleans the city and at the same time it increases health by eliminating the places where these mosquitoes can make a nest.

How Is Tire Rubber Being Recycled?

As a matter of fact, here in Chihuahua (the State) we have one of the biggest cement producers, and this company is actually using the rubber of tires to increase the quality of their products.

Something else that is being done with the rubber itself is to pulverize it all, remove the steel (for reuse of course), and compress the rubber dust to form bumps and other accessories for traffic.

These bumps are easily installed on the ground and can be moved if the neighbors agree that the location is not appropriate.

Among the advantages of recycled building materials
is that the cost of fabrication is very low, the raw material can be found for free, and the bumps are easy to replace, repair, remove, and reinstall. 

Little by little they are gaining popularity.

The best thing about this project is that these traffic accessories can be used over and over again...

They are all salvaged building materials.

Juarez is little by little becoming a great city again.

This is just one of the many things that are happening today in Juarez, the citizens here learned that in order to have a beautiful and inviting city, it is our duty to make it happen.

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