Used Home Renovation Materials
Green Roof in California

by W.
(Alberta Canada)

San Fransisco, California

San Fransisco, California

Green roof systems are becoming popular day by day in various areas. They are prepared using used home renovation materials in different parts of USA and Canada.

Here are some steps that will explain why you should consider salvaged building materials in California

Storm water management is the first advantage of using salvaged green roof systems in California. Here you can store rain water that is absorbed by plants. By this process, you can store up to ninety percent of rain water that helps in extending the life span of the drainage system.

Your roof is the biggest store house for ambient heat that is further transferred to inside of building. With a natural recycled green roof, you can reduce this absorption of unwanted sunlight up to seventy five percent. You can enjoy a cool stay in your building even in summers.

The other advantage of using a recycled green roof system is that it does not lose heat during winter in California. In other words, it makes an extra insulating layer around your building. You can keep your electricity bills under control in all seasons.

Eco friendly building in California increases the real estate value and brings potential buyers to the property. In the modern world, most people love to stay inside eco friendly buildings instead of buildings using conventional technology.

According to a research, eco friendly offices reduce the employee turnover and also attract employees. A natural roof system can help an organization in reducing training or recruiting new employees cost.

It also helps in controlling noise pollution up to 50 decibels in California.

The other name for green roof system is self sustaining system that demands only a few repairs.

Acrylic Paint for your roof and walls – Supplements Green roof System

The excellent solution to repair commercial roof is acrylic paint on your roof. This paint is also used as an insulation layer around your building. It is a universal paint that is compatible with almost every surface.

It is also durable and water resistant. It helps in cutting down your electricity bills and saves energy as well as looking attractive. Here you can notice that all green roof system benefits can also be achieved by using acrylic paints on your building walls.

Some tips essential for good results.

Apply double coating of the paint for effective bonding. Treat the damaged area of the building walls before applying any coating of the paint on the walls.

Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions for a good deal. Check for the warranty on work with the manufacturer.

If any manufacturer is sure about his work, he will definitely give you warranty period.

You can also choose various colors for your building walls and check online to place order for samples. The other option is to visit nearby shops and purchase authentic colors for your building.

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Used home renovation materials in Cameron, North Carolina

by Keelie Reason
(Cameron, North Carolina)

North Carolina

North Carolina

You may be interested to know why recycling is becoming more popular in Cameron - my small rural town.

With the transient nature of this area due to the large Army facility nearby, there are always people looking to get rid of things before they move. These families are accustomed to getting rid of almost new items every few years.

That process has given my town a lot of need for used home renovation materials.

Whether you are looking to recycle or purchase salvaged building materials, these stores service the Cameron, North Carolina area within a 40 minute drive.

The Restore Warehouse in Fayatteville, NC- this facility is committed to a business where everyone wins. The items that have been given to this store to be salvaged benefit the surrounding community, builders, homeowners, and let’s not forget the environment.

Salvaged building products for any project in your home can be found in this location. Not only are you benefiting from purchasing building supplies at half the cost, all proceeds from the store go to support ministries such as: Operation Inasmuch, Habitat for Humanity, and Fayatteville Urban Ministries.

Habitat for Humanity Home Store in Sanford, NC- this location provides the surrounding areas with salvaged building products on a smaller scale. Light fixtures, cabinets, and other odd and ends can be found here. The proceeds from this store goes back to Habitat for Humanity.

For me personally, having a place to go that sells building materials at half the cost will be of great value as my husband and I are looking to replace flooring in our home. This is a project we have been putting off since we moved in.

Now we are preparing to move away from the area and we know the project has to be done. I’m planning on going to one of these great recycled building facilities to find the flooring that will fit in my minimal budget.

Now, I encourage all people to find a place like this in your area or close to you. If it can be found here in rural U.S.A. where we have more livestock than people, the chances are you will be able to find a place like that in your area as well.

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Used home renovation materials, Phillipines

by W.
(Alberta, Canada)

Paco Park Manilla

Paco Park Manilla

Rethinking the Lowly Plastic Bottle

The Bottle School Project

In the Philippines, used home renovation materials have gone beyond salvaging materials from old projects or repurposing old furniture for something else in a home or new project.

My Shelter Foundation is taking the lowly discarded plastic soda bottles and making them the building blocks- literally- of much needed school buildings in the country.

These bottles were filled with liquefied adobe and left to dry for half a day. Bottles were then stacked up like bricks with cement and steel bars to hold them in place.

These formed the walls and foundation of the school buildings. These adobe filled bottles were dubbed “eco bricks” and are cheaper than concrete blocks and nearly three times stronger. This is an important feature for the typhoon country.

Because of the relative economical costs to make these eco bricks, this serves as a great solution to address the shortage of available classrooms that are needed to meet the needs of the growing student population of the country.

According to the founder of My Shelter Foundation, Illac Diaz, nearly every town produces enough plastic bottle waste to construct a classroom every two weeks. How’s that for reduce, reuse and recycle?

The Solar Bottle Bulb

My Shelter Foundation is all about green technology and making available to the people who need it the most- the people who are at the grassroots level. This is why they have taken sustainable technology to a whole new level with rethinking the lowly plastic bottle.

In addition to the bottle school project, there other project which has gone global with installations not only in the Philippines, but also in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, India, Peru, Mexico, Zambia to name a few.

This project is called A Liter of Light. It’s simple technology that aims to illuminate households where electricity is not available.
The ingredients for the solar bottle bulb are inexpensive and few and installation is simple and easy.Water in a bottle with chlorine and sunshine gives you the equivalent light of a 55 watt bulb that refracts the sunlight.

To construct the solar light bulb, a 1.5 liter PET bottle is filled with water and bleach and installed on the roof of a house. During the day, the sunlight is refracted, illuminating the interiors with the brightness of a 55 watt bulb.

Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also inexpensive and easy to install. This makes it a perfect option for the urban poor who do not have access to electricity. When properly installed, the bulb can last up to five years.

After reading about the initiatives of My Shelter Foundation in using sustainable and eco friendly ways to create better options and lives for the needy, it’s time to rethink what recycled building products can mean to you.

After all, if a lowly plastic bottle can be the building blocks of a school house or be the instrument to illuminate a home during the day, who knows what other innovations may be found in our other every day “trash”?

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