Recycled Building Materials
On the increase in Dhaka

Do people in Dhaka care about recycled building materials?

Yes we do.

Dhaka is one of the largest populated cities in Bangladesh.

Every day there are tons of waste materials produced in this city. It comes from garments factories, mills, residential buildings and offices.

Dhaka is an over-populated city. So we recycle where we can.

There is a growing awareness of recycled building materials. And all due to the generations of waste produced in Dhaka.

These waste materials can be useful things using the right steps.

 Dhaka City Council is busy recycling waste materials.

Bangladesh is a developing country. It needs to recycle components.

And the majority of her people cannot afford new things.

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Recycled Building Materials Include.

Metal equipment, plastic and old furniture.

Once identified as waste

We garbage these used materials to our dustbins. But some of us are trying to reuse this waste. Many companies are trying to recycle. 

Structural waste materials like wooden doors and windows.

Recycled building materials can can save lives. They are used to make temporary building structures. Companies like Euro Asia GBC do this.

Dhaka City Council supply plastic to companies. They recycle the materials. And produce better things for helping the poor people.

“Waste Concern” started with the intention to make Dhaka green by recycling waste materials.

The government of Bangladesh has a "Go Green" motto. To make Bangladesh a pleasant place to live.

Building waste materials in this country has a purpose. To enrich and change its financial condition.

In the recent years

Students are doing a worthwhile project. Involving recycling plastic pipes, utensils and tires. And to use them to make plastic sandals and shoes.

Poor children pick up diseases by walking in bare feet.

Many of us can’t own costly shoes. They are trying to spread the word around.

Whenever, you find used plastic things like pens, plastic mugs and pots make use of them. You can use them to make paper weight by burning them and casting them off.

You can suggest this to other people. And discuss with them about recycling waste materials. And the usefulness of recycling.


Every two weeks collect local waste material. And give it to the recycling materials company.

They take the waste material on payment of some money. And make use of them in their factories.

This money can be distributed to the poor people. These waste materials can be used to design new useful things.

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