Recycled Building Materials
In Dhaka

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Do people in Dhaka care about 

recycled building materials?

Yes we do.

Dhaka is one of the largest populated cities in Bangladesh.

Everyday tons of waste materials are produced in this city from garments factories, mills, residential buildings and offices.

In an over-populated city like Dhaka everyone has to maintain their responsibility and recycle where they can.

There is a greater awareness of recycled building materials due to the generations of waste produced in Dhaka.

These waste materials can be converted as useful things using proper steps.

The DCC (Dhaka City Corporation) is busy with recycling waste materials back to proper use.

A developing country like Bangladesh needs to produce products from recycling components... 

...The majority of her countrymen cannot afford new and newer things.

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Recycled Building Materials Include.

Metal equipment, friable steels and irons, burnt wood or plastic, old paved stone, rusted wooden or plastic doors and windows, old furniture, chemicals and some of these types.

Once identified as waste...

...we garbage these used materials to our dustbins. But some of us are always trying to reuse this waste. Many companies in Dhaka are working to recycle these unused and unusual heavy or light building waste materials.

The structural waste materials like wooden doors, windows, cabinets, papers and plastic tools can be used in particle boards, paper, plastic and wood mills. The daily newspaper, notebooks, cups, mugs, books, utensils and plastic jars can be made from these structural waste materials.

Recycled building materials can be used to make temporary or stable building structures. Companies like Euro Asia Gbc, Sublime Trade Agency, Konsultants Integrated Services, Sadeque Paper and Board Mills, K.M.

Plastic and other companies are always in need of Dhaka city’s building waste materials. They recycle the materials commercially to produce better things for helping the poor people

“Waste Concern” was founded in 1995 with the intention to make Dhaka green by recycling waste materials. This company was found by Iftekhar Enayetullah, a civil engineer-urban planner and a professional architect-urban planner, A.H.Md. Maqsood Sinha.

The government of Bangladesh is working sincerely to make Bangladesh a liveable place with the motto “Go Green”.

Nowadays building waste materials are used commercially in this country to enrich and change the financial condition.

In the recent years

...some of the local varsity students made a concept about recycling plastic pipes, utensils and tires to make rubber and plastic sandals and shoes as many of us can’t own costly shoes. They are trying to run this process internationally.

Poor children often pick up diseases by walking in bare feet.

Putting recycling aside for the moment social business group Grameen and German sports apparel maker Adidas are working together for a joint venture to make low-cost shoes in Bangladesh for the poor.

 Whenever, you find used plastic things like pens, plastic mugs and pots you can use them to make paper weight by burning them and casting them off. Besides, you can also suggest the other people and discuss with them about recycling waste materials and usefulness of recycling.


 Twice a month waste material can be collected from our neighbourhoods and given to the recycling materials company. Then, they take the waste materials on the payment of some money and make use of them in their factories. This money can be distributed to the poor people. Sometimes these waste materials can also be used to design new useful things.

Recycled Building Materials

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