Recycled Building Materials in Alberta

There are many waste recycling companies in Alberta.

Recycled building materials are from industry. Or from the consumer, which requires less processing.

Some of the company’s in Alberta        focus on salvaged wood.

Others buy and sell surplus building materials.

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Think of recycled building materials as new products converted from waste. Recycling increases the material's life. And reduces water and air pollution.

Recycled Building Materials Benefits Us

By keeping building costs down. It saves on natural resources. And it helps to extend the life of landfill.

People like to minimize the impact on the environment. So many prefer recycled building materials.

Recycled building materials have gone through the production stage. So we benefit. Because there is no pollution involved if we re use materials. No fuel is needed to create the materials.

Recycled building materials are stones, bricks and plumbing fixtures. Fly ash concrete refers to a waste product of coal-fired power plants. It improves the structural performance.

Steel farming is a substitute for lumber. Drywall is from recycled paper facings. The recycled glass tile is from used glass that has been melted, reformed and grounded.

Some companies provide destruction services. It includes timber, ply and bricks. Include, windows, doors and insulation.

Alberta has at least one industry that specializes in green building. It improves the design and construction of a company's work place.

Recycling building products keep the landfills safe and improve finances.

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