Pergola Rafter Tails
To Create Beauty In Any Garden

A Pergola Is Not Like Other Garden Structures

It can add beauty to your garden. The vines and flowers will look so much more attractive. The pathway through the pergola will look inviting.

Can you see yourself walking through the pergola? And placing something of interest just beyond it? 

Like a garden statue, fountain or garden seat . Drawing the visitor through the entrance of the pergola.

And one more thing.

Building your pergola using...

... Pergola Rafter Tails With
A Classical Shape

An experienced potter on the radio this morning was talking about his work.  
He had come to understand. That a straight line in pottery stands for "authority." A curved line represents "art".

 Use it and you won't look back and think you need to change it.

You can receive your customized free printable pergola end templates today.

Your country's map will show where your request comes from.

You can always  draw this pergola template yourself. It is both beautiful and romantic. And you can learn how to draw any size in just a few minutes.
Using paper, pencil, ruler and compasses.

You will learn a lot this way and will have no problem drawing any size template in future. Even when the exact width size is an awkward number.

To help you draw see pergola sizes. With all sizes from 4 inch (10.16 cm) to 12 inch (30.48 cm) rafter widths.

Our Q&A is well worth a look and kept up to date. Which ever way you choose have a look at our Customer Reviews.

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