Pergola Rafter Tails
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Cedar Pergola

by Keith Birch
(Alton, NH)

This tutorial was exactly what I needed. To create a template for cutting the pergola rafter tails for my grill island project.

They were easy to follow.  And had the added benefit of me being able to tell my daughter that this is why she needed to pay attention on Geometry class....

She just rolled her eyes. Thanks for taking the time to prepare this!

Garden Pergola

by Phillip Williams
(Augusta, GA, USA)

We have just completed our garden pergola. With decorative ends using your formula. We all think that it has turned out beautifully.

Thanks to your help. After applying a bit of stain and adding a few plants, it will be perfect! Thanks a million for your help!

Other Comments on Pergola Rafter Tails

Thank you so much for the pergola rafter tails template. I can't wait to install it on my pergola and I know it will add that magic touch.                              Greg Augusta, Georgia US                                     

Thanks.. we tried to make our own but are not printed off yours.. and we are good to go.. thanks again.                              June Windsor Canada        

Received the pergola ends templates and am very pleased. Having a template for the end piece is the icing on the cake.... With Much Thanks,                                               Jeri US

I received the template. Thank you very much. This will make a basic pergola have some class!                  Bill USA

Thank you very much for your excellent drawing!  Loulia

Planning ahead for pergolas in future gardens of our soon to be built custom house designed by my architect husband; thanks. D.S. US

So excited to get this thanks!!                          Christopher US

Thanks for your help!! Much appreciated for sharing.  Melanie

You are my hero! You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find something like this online.

I found some cool ideas which inspired of my first outdoor structures.
Denny   New Orleans Louisiana USA.

I got it! Thank you SO much. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.
S.M   N.C. USA.

Thanks for your page on rafter ends. I'm building a pergola and until now, I hadn't found a decent source on how to set them out across different sized beams and rafters.    Tony         Australia

More comments but didn't leave names.

Very useful ... thanks for sharing.

Just the design I needed. This is going to look great on my pergola thank you.

Thanks... This really was helpful.

Great idea......using a template right now on my pergola.

Yes, thank you very much for all the information.

Thank you for the template, I really appreciate it!

Thank you...easy download, simple to follow template!

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