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Free pergola rafter tail designs. Choose one and copy it onto every rafter.

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You are my hero! You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find pergola rafter designs  like these online.

"All people have the instinct to decorate their surroundings.

But decorations and ornaments will only work when made in the right way."

Christopher Alexander - Architect

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You may have spent hours making your own pergola.

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he superior of  pergola rafter designs - in my opinion!

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                                                                     Print. Cut Out. To complete the beautiful shape.

 Pergola Template

Trace onto plywood or card. And cut out.

Trace this classical shape onto each rafter.

If you wish you can half notch the rafter and the beam as shown.

This will keep your rafter ends in a neat line.

Cut along the pergola template shape using a jig saw and sandpaper the cut edges. You can use a medium sandpaper. Followed by a finer sandpaper for the best effect.

You're now ready to go.

Thanks for your help!! Much appreciated for sharing. I found some cool ideas which inspired of my first outdoor structures.
Denny   New Orleans Louisiana USA.

Below is a Graph of Over 850
      Pergola Rafter Tail Designs
Width Requests

                                                                                                                                   Requests from the United States 80%. Canada 12% of the total.

Notice the pergola rafter widths 6" and 9" have two results. Each which you add together.

Number of requests for 6" templates is 142 [100 + 42 = 142] Number of requests for 9" is 12 [3+9=12]

Overall the most popular width is 6" (142 requests) followed by 5.5" (112), and 7.5" (87).

Among all  rafter and beam end designs the smallest width - 4" (66) - came in to take a respectable 5th place.

Most popular of the larger widths are 11" (47) and 10" (46).

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