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Pergola Decorative Ends
To Create A Beautiful Garden

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A Pergola Is Not Like Other Garden Structures

It can add beauty to garden. The vines and flowers will look so much more attractive. The pathway through the pergola will look inviting.

Look along the walkway past the pergola. Can you put something of interest just there? 

Like a garden statue, fountain or garden seat . Drawing the visitor through the entrance of the pergola.

One more thing. Build your pergola using...

... Pergola Decorative Ends With
A Classical Shape

This classical design has been used for many centuries. Use it and you won't look back and think you need to change it.

You can obtain the classical pergola decorative ends template by downloading. Or by drawing it. And it costs you nothing. Except for a little time printing or drawing - which is time well spent.

The quickest way is to get a printout.  Ideal if you are short of time. Cut out the shape and trace the shape onto the end of each rafter.

The alternative way is to follow easy instructions. Using paper, pencil, ruler and compasses. You will learn a lot this way and have no problem drawing any size template.

To save time you can order your free pergola decorative ends template. Customized to fit your rafter width size. And you will receive it within seconds to print out.

And see our maps which show where requests come from worldwide with regular updates.

Or you can  draw it yourself. It is a beautiful and romantic shape. And you can learn how to draw any size in just a few minutes.

To help you with this we will show you pergola decorative ends sizes. With all sizes from 4 inch (10.16 cm) to 12 inch (30.48 cm) rafter widths - only whole numbers in inches at the moment.

You can study the picture you want and copy it. It includes a chart showing the most popular width requests.

Which ever way you choose have a look at our Customer Reviews.

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