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Is It Renovation Or Restoration?

Carpentry repairs on say a weathered door is usually referred to as renovations and carried out on site.

Home restoration is to bring back into existence something that has been destroyed or partly destroyed.

One example of restoration maybe a chimney built exactly the way it was before it was destroyed. Usually with the help of a picture or an old photo.

Our carpentry services can usually involve home restoration and renovation.

Grade II Listed Work On A Farmhouse 
Just South Of Norwich.

Home Restoration Before...

17th Century Farmhouse used as Highways Depot. The right hand room - parlour - was used as the centre of operations. Roof timbers were recent and made the house water tight. Forncett End, Norwich, Norfolk.

And After...

Home Restoration Completed

By the time we took this project on a demolition team had removed the chimneys, some of the windows and all the internal doors.

Fortunately a local parish Councillor opposed the demolition and spot listed the old farmhouse.

The bulldozers were sent on their way and the new owners were able to apply for a council grant for a full renovations.

Years before being the Norfolk Highways Depot this old house served as a bus station. The passengers made their journeys from here in Forncett End to Norwich.

Buses Parked By The Shed. With Ashdell House in the Background.
Shed Probably Used As
A Bus Maintenance Workshop

The right-hand room - parlor - of the house became the main room of operations.

The rest of the house was just left alone in its original state.

Roof timbers were recent and made the house water tight, which was ideal. It saved the day and the old house.
                                                                                                                                                                Forncett End, Norwich, Norfolk.

Our Old House Renovation Service Includes:-

1) Taking down the substandard extension on the left and replacing it with a more solid design.

2) Replacing the missing chimneys and chimney pots. They went missing after the first photo was taken - before we arrived on the scene.

3) Replacing one metre wide felt under the tiles near the eaves and replacing missing and broken tiles.

4) Restoring the decorative render work around windows, doors and on the wall just above the extension.

5) Replacing the central window on the first floor.

6) Fitting new external doors.

7) Bringing all the services - electricity, water and sewage - from the road to the house.

8) Planning and carrying out creative wall renovations to the gable wall. With help from SPAB (Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings) and a local engineer.

9) Planning the fireplace renovation for downstairs.

10) Designing new front porch.

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