How to Cut Pergola Ends
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How to cut pergola ends?  Is a common question from many of you.

First decide on a suitable shape. The classical shape is a very pleasing for many people.

Then select the size you wish to use from below.                                                                                                                                                   There are many classical pergola end cut sizes you can download free.

But I know many of  you wish to draw.

So I will carry on.

I have shown - below - widths from 4" [102mm] to12" [305mm]. Just choose the size and copy.

To copy.  Look at the following 6" width example to make sure you understand.

Then select the width size of your choice and draw it yourself.                                                                                                                                       

6" [162mm] Width Example

Take "w" to mean rafter width. The top horizontal line is 3xw =3x6 = 18".

The short vertical lines are w/4 = 6/4 = 1 1/2"

Other two lines w=6".

See how I draw the 6" width shape below.

Turn your paper sideways and keep to this sequence. Otherwise you could run out of paper to draw on!!

Quick Check. If the lines AB ( 18" ) and AF ( 6" ) fit on the paper then you have enough space to complete your shape. Well done! This Quick Check works with all sizes.

Finally draw a faint line from D to C. You may want to erase this line later.

Add a point "O" half way between D and C.

Draw the circle on card using the radius which is the same as your rafter width. Example. Use a radius of 6" for a 6" width rafter

Cut the circle out and move the card into Position 1. Make sure the circle goes through the blue middle point".".

In Position 1 draw the arc. Change to Position 2 and draw the arc.

Have you got the idea?  If so... try it yourself.

1) Look through the diagrams below and choose your width.

2)  Draw the shape for your width choice. You may need to glue sheets of A4. And make sure your shape fits the paper.

To do this draw in the same sequence as above and you will be fine.

Choose From This Selection of
Pergola Rafter Tails Sizes

 Starting With A 4" [102mm] Width Rafter

One customer asked:

I'm wondering why you chose the default widths? The rafters I'll be using are 2 by 8, 2 by 6 and 2 by 4. These sizes are standard. Will the default templates work for me?

In response, I have added 4" and 8" width sizes on this page. Print off version on the way.

  A 5" [127mm] Width Rafter

A 51/2" [140mm] Width Rafter

A 6" [152mm] Width Rafter

 A 7" [178mm] Width Rafter

A 71/2" [194mm] Width Rafter

An 8" [209mm] Width Rafter

A 9" [228mm] Width Rafter

 A 10" [254mm] Width Rafter

I have a 10" width rafter that I am seeking a template for. Can you assist? Thanks, Tom

I have added the 10" size but you will have to draw it yourself. I'm working on the 10" size print off version. [completed]. See print off version.

An 11" [280mm] Width Rafter

 A 12" [305mm] Width Rafter

You may have noticed that if the pergola template width is in the 4 times table.

There are no fractions to worry about when you come to draw this template.

This applies to  Widths 4", 8" and 12".

Fit your rafter onto the beam securely.

Thank you for any comments you wish to make.

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See What Visitors Say:

Thanks for your page on rafter tails. At last a decent source of information.

Concerning how to set them out across different size beams and rafters.

Tony  Australia

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