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The Human Value Unit


Formula: 1 HUV = 10 mega joules of Staple Diets

The Human Value Unit is a new concept of money. This is for you to get to know something about the Human Value Unit.

As you get to understand what this new concept of money is, then it could be used as a way to compare currency value. This is so that one day you may freely choose to use Human Value Unit (HVU).

The whole point of inventing it is to put the world right through this new kind of money, no less. Not money based on gold or any form of slavery of man by man. But money based on human life itself

How to Change the World? Using a scientific fixed currency.

One day’s cheap food for one person should be the money unit.

This is a fixed inflation proof anchor for our currency. I call it the Human Value Unit with good reason.

As a universal currency it should eventually open up the whole world in every country. To investment and free world trade on a level playing field.

Money as Human Value Units is shaped to be the one single humane and scientific fixed currency. For the future of all mankind.

Fear not, this new idea will not cost you any more losses of your old money. Only the coming of that inevitable inflation may cost you plenty.

That is if you, like me, cannot predict the winners when you play the stock market, money market or the lottery.

😊             HVU             😊

Also called Humane Value Units (HVU) Global business needs a Global currency.

HVU is a formula to put the World right for all mankind.

Better than funding the profits of the Money Market men.

Instead of using $, £, Euro etc., use the Humane Value Units 😊 the symbol of HVU.

Humane fixed Trading Units 😊

Based on: A day’s cheap food for one. Say 10 mega joules of energy as in all staple diets.

For too long all currency units have only been based on faith, greed, imagination and fear.

Scientifically speaking, all currencies have so far only been rouge units that constantly change their value according to faith, greed, imagination and fear.

That is the root cause of all World economic problems. Every one of the old money’s wasteful, destructive and inhuman behaviour.

From a humane point of view all nations in the world of today’s global trading really need to use a Humane Trading Unit as their own money. 

That is money that will never lose any of it’s value; because it would be an absolutely fixed International Standard Units.

The Humane Value Unit is not just another form of tradable currency, nor is it just a fixed measurement of energy.

It truly represents the main essential of all civilized human life. This Humane Value Unit and worthy of the same kind of respect we all say we give to human life.

Unfortunately in spite of all the hard work of so many scientific economists. The problem they have been stuck with is the rouge units of currency disparity that goes on wrecking human life through today’s world trade and economy.

Not for the few we may know but for the several billions who we never know and forget.

Mankind has overcome most problems by applying a scientific method. Every known science depends on the fundamentally accurate use of fixed units.

The true science of economics begins here with this fixed unit of humane valuation.

All honest genuine people know and believe in forms of fair play because it works so well. With competition that stick to the rules and are played on a level playing field.

It goes for everything we have pride in believing in.

Unfortunately currency discrepancy in world economics is crude, cruel. And is the basic cause of most of our world economic and nationalistic political problems.

One Money for all, is the meaning of using the HVU for Human Value Unit.

The way to write it in MS Word is :) that way prints a round smiley 😊 instead of $, £, Euro or whatever etc.

Everyone using money everywhere needs to learn it, remember it. And broadcast this uniquely and noble Currency Unit formula:

A unit of: 10 mega joules of cheap food of staple diet in each part of the world.

Here there and everywhere we will get an opportunity to start using the 😊 HVU.

Because we all will surely need it soon if not sooner than you think.

By Mahrus Stuart

Mahrus died several years ago. He had friends from all walks of life and was an intelligent and passionate man who was outspoken on many issues of the time.

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