How to Build a Fireplace
In the Right Position

                                                                                                                                                             What do I mean by "right position".

It's how to build a fireplace. So that the chimney clears the rafters as it passes through the roof.

The builder has to pile for the fireplace during the piling stage.

And the reinforced concrete base gives a strong support for the fireplace and chimney.

How to Build a Fireplace 

In our case...we were about a foot out for the final chimney position.

The bricklayers just had to make the proper adjustment...

They are used to that. They just cantilevered out to make a bend at the back.

A single brick skin fireplace is strong. Enough to take the weight of the whole chimney.

And if you build the chimney in the middle of your house. And not on an outside wall. More heat stays in the house.

A Straight Run To The Top

Get that chimney in the right place - first time. 

See how the chimney passes between the rafters. Without any hint of a problem?

                                                                               As for heating...

...If you feel the cold go for the bigger stove.

We used a 5kw wood burning stove. Using saw dust logs to heat a four bedroom house.

And for more heat during the cold weeks we use other heating.

Take a look at the brickwork. We chose warm looking attractive Kassandra bricks.

Not like the bricks which we used for the house walls.

The bricklayers finished the fireplace. And carried on up through the house with the chimney. Going between the rafters and out to the roof.

I've shown you how to build a chimney so it’s time for the chimney liner.

A Norwich company supplied the flue system. And uses a separate inner flue and outer case. The one I used combined the two in one block.

Pumice helps to speed up temperature in the flue. It's volcanic and comes from Iceland.

Place two lintels to sit on the fireplace brickwork. Fix the support block on top of the lintels and then start building your liner. Just before going through the roof insert a corbel to support the brick cladding.

Father and Son Finishing the Chimney

A concrete capping on the top protects the brickwork. And helps to support the last flue block or chimney pot.

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