About Hardwin

And those who have worked with me over the years.

In 1983 I began work at Harringtons Antique Restorations. I was a Self employed Joiner and Carpenter and built and restored wooden Mantel Pieces.

I confess I had no input  in any of the beautiful carvings.

At around this time I was constructing a series of seven Georgian Dolls Houses.

I made the basic shell of the houses while my colleague Lynette Armes - an interior designer - carried out delicate painting and interior work. 

Harrods of London bought four of the houses to sell in their shop at Christmas time of 1984.

Two houses went to charity raffles and the last one went to a lovely lady who - now the children had flown the nest - wanted a doll's house of her own.

In 1985 Carpentry and Joinery training Course at the Skill Centres of Sydenham and Deptford in London.

Got real help from well organized teaching there... and the most perfect way to learn about carpentry and joinery.

In1985 I carried out my first loft conversion working alongside R Hawkins Architect Farnborough on his own house.

Working off an architects plans was great way to carry out a project. I made a few mistakes like putting my foot through the ceiling but nothing serious.

In 1986 I spent a year working as a Smile mathematics teacher in a London state school. I mention this here because it's in relation to building construction maths which I teach here.

It helped me getting experience with what was then a ground-breaking method of presenting maths materials to young students in schools.

And students of all ages now. Especially with Mathematics in Building Construction tuition.

In1987 I went  back to Harrington's Antique Restorations in Squerries Court in Westerham. The workshop was in the grounds of a large house.

This is where I learnt basic skills in restoring 18th and 19th century mantlepieces, tables and mirror frames.

I would make the basic frame for the carvers to work on.

In 1989 I moved from Croydon to Norwich.

There I Managed a repair and restoration programme on a Grade 2* listed house in the Cathedral Close, Norwich.

In 1990 I went on to manage a repair and Restoration Programme on a Grade 2 listed Farmhouse in South Norfolk. Which had been used as the main Norfolk Highways Depot for some years.

2004 Later on I built my own timber frame four bedroom house south of Norwich. The land was near a pond and I had to pile the foundations.

The land had been a Victorian dump and the neighbour who sold me the land told me the villagers there had used it as a dump till recently.

He assured me there was a motor bike  and a mini-car buried there! Because he had put them there himself!!

I used a timber frame which I built from scratch.

The porch was built later.

Before building the house we had to build a straw bale garden shed to store our furniture - which was great fun - with the help of friends and family.

2021 To this day I have been involved in restoration and building maintenance 

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